Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chicago Area Cyclist To Pedal To Mexico To Raise Money For Diabetes Cure

When Jorge Balderas asked us to help support his upcoming bicycle trip from Chicago to Mexico to raise money for the fight against diabetes we did not hesitate.  An epic bike trip to raise money for an important cause undertaken by a great guy (and client of ours) definitely gets our juices flowing.

Jorge leaves on Monday on his self-supported trip which he hopes with raise money for the Chicago Diabetes Project. The journey will take him from his home in Evanston to his home town near the city of Guanajuato, Mexico.  He hopes to reach his destination before the start of the new year.  On his way he will visit his sister in Denver who is stricken with a diabetes related illness.  From there he will pedal on to Tuscon, Arizona then cross the border into Mexico.  Jorge has set up a Facebook page for the trip he is calling the Tour de Diabetes Cure.

This is not the first time Jorge has epically pedaled southward.  Two years ago he rode from Vancouver, Canada to Mexico.  His preparation for that trip was featured on Univision (ESP):

Wanting to wander again by bike, Jorge had one problem:  He did not have a bike capable for making the long journey, having left his old bike in Mexico.  Enter our good friends at Boulevard Bikes in Logan Square. They hooked him up, at our request, with a sweet Bianchi Volpe (festooned, of course, with stickers) more than capable of getting him and his gear south of the border:

Jorge with his new bike from
Boulevard Bikes in Logan Square

Yeah, we gave him stickers

Why is Jorge doing this?  "I want to be happy and try to help others," he said.  Any questions?

A private party will be held on Saturday evening at the Evanston Cimena for Jorge's friends and supporters to see him off.  

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