Friday, November 8, 2013

Evanston Cyclist Receives $300,000 Settlement From Driver Who Struck Him In Sheridan Road Bike Lane

A driver who seriously injured a 55 year old Evanston bicyclist last year has agreed to a $305,000 settlement. Our law firm represents the bicyclist.

The crash occurred in the bicycle lane at the uncontrolled intersection of Sheridan Road and Forest Avenue in Wilmette.  The cyclist was northbound on Sheridan in the bike lane when the 81 year old southbound driver turned her BMW into his path causing the collision.   The impact threw the man forward off of his bike causing his mouth to strike the roof edge of the car.  A police officer who responded to the scene noted that the cyclist's fragmented teeth were found on the roof of the vehicle.  He also suffered fractures to both bones of his right forearm, and a compression fracture in his lower back.    He underwent surgery to repair his broken arm and had extensive dental work.  His spinal fracture healed on its own.  His medical and dental bills totaled more than $70,000.

Our client is a cancer survivor who took up cycling in an effort to return his body to good health following a long period of therapy.  His bicycle, a 2011 Cervelo RS, was badly damaged in the crash.  We were able to help him get his bike replaced.

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