Friday, October 18, 2013

The Undamning Of People On Bikes

Damn bicyclists!

Too often motorists only seem to notice the bike, the helmet, the message bag, etc.  They do not see the person on the bike.  Perhaps this selective recognition is what gives the driver - in his or her mind - license to recklessly endanger the lives of people on bikes.  Despite the increasing betterment of Chicago's cycling infrastructure, it dawns on me that virtually everyday on my ride into the office I have a close call with a driver.  I do not think about that often.  If I did, I would probably take the "EL" to work.  

I do not know how to change the minds of drivers.  I am going to keep suing them when their conduct causes actual harm.  But my preference is that there be no more crashes.  (Do not worry about me.  I would find something else to do.)  I came across a new ad campaign in Pittsburgh this morning, highlighted over on the Urban Velo website.  I would love to see billboards all around Chicago like this.  That would be a nice start.

Courtesy of Bike Pittsburgh

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  1. Great idea! Maybe Active Trans could add this to their list of things to try to get the city/state to do.


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