Thursday, March 31, 2011

Allegedly Drunk Driver Derails Bicyclist's Peace Corps. Service

Today, we were retained to represent a bicyclist struck by an allegedly intoxicated motorist near the corner of West Diversey Avenue and North Major Avenue on July 5, 2010.  The incident occurred in the early evening, the sun setting but not completely down, as the cyclist rode in the shared bike lane on eastbound Diversey Avenue.  Just after passing North Major a westbound vehicle suddenly attempted to make a left turn into a liquor store parking lot, slamming into the biker.  The motor vehicle's front bumper smashed directly into the rider's left knee causing significant damage.  The driver then attempted to flee the scene, speeding the wrong way down a nearby one way street.  Police arrived quickly to the scene, however, and were able to apprehend him.

The bicyclist was transported via ambulance to Our Lady of the Resurrection Hospital for treatment.  He would be diagnosed with disruption of his left medial collateral ligament and various other injuries.  He would require months of difficult and painful physical therapy to heal.  These injuries came at an especially unfortuitous time, as he had recently completed the lengthy application process to join the Peace Corps.  Cruelly, the day after the incident, he received word that he had been accepted.  He was given an assignment and date of departure.  However, he was unable to complete the necessary medical evaluation.  As a result his entry into the Peace Corps. remains on hold.

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