Monday, March 21, 2011

Illinois Bicycling Advocates Consider Proposing Legislation To Keep Track of Dooring Incidents

Getting doored is almost always on the minds bicyclists who ride in trafficked streets.  Bicycling advocacy group, the Active Transportation Alliance believes that "more than half the people who bike on streets have been doored at least once."  In my law practice, I represent lots of cyclists seriously injured because a car door was flung open in their paths.  However, those in a position to address this problem have had trouble getting federal and state traffic safety funds to do so because no statewide statistics are kept documenting how often it really happens.  While the City of Chicago keeps track of dooring incidents, the Illinois Department of Transportation has declined to do so.  According to an article by Jon Hilkevitch at, Active Trans "has asked IDOT to require law enforcement agencies to report dooring agencies," but has been rebuffed.  In response the group is considering seeking legislation that requires such record keeping the the Illinois General Assembly.  Good idea.

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