Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Electronic Solution To A Bicycle Litigation Problem

The most challenging aspect of handling bicycle crash cases is securing witness testimony that corroborates the cyclist victim's description of how the incident occurred.  Often no one but the parties involved actually saw how the crash happened.  In my experience, most bike crashes occur when a cyclist is out riding alone, rather than with a group so there is no one to backup his or her version of events.  However, there is at least one solution to this problem:  the wearable/bike mountable video camera.  With one of these things mounted on your helmet or handlebars a video record may be created to combat the defendant's version of what happened.  I know, pedaling around town with a video camera on your head seems a little (a lot?) dorky.  But these things are small, really small.  Some models are about the size of a modern, detachable bike headlight. Some models can be attached directly to your bike's handlebars.  Once you get where you are going and lock your bike up, simply detach the camera, throw it in your bag and take it with you.  If you are involved in a wreck with one of these cameras you will have preserved a valuable piece of evidence that may help you and your attorney latter.


  1. Not much use if you are hit from behind.

  2. Not many people get hit from behind.

  3. "Not much use if you are hit from behind."

    Are you joking? A forward pointing camera is frequently highly beneficial as it may indicate your speed, your lane position, traffic conditions, weather/road conditions, color of traffic signal, your general riding style, and etc.

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