Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taxi Collides With Bicyclist Riding Home From Work On Chicago's Near Northside

A Chicago taxi caused a serious collision with a bicyclist when the driver made an unsignaled left in front of the rider at the intersection of North Street Street and East Ontario Street on July 22nd.  The incident occurred just after 11:00 p.m. as the cyclist was riding home from work at a Loop area restaurant.  The bicycle was equipped with front and rear lights which were on at the time of the collision.  Our law firm has been retained to represent the bicyclist against the driver and the cab company that employed him.

Prior to the incident, our client was riding north bound along the right side of North State Street.  As he approached the intersection with Ontario the light controlling north/south traffic was green.  He intended to proceed straight.  As he did, a taxi cab that had stopped along the right hand curb of State Street pulled into the bicyclist's lane, designated for traffic proceeding straight north.  From that lane -- forgoing the left turn lane  present there -- with the bicycle close behind him, the driver suddenly, without signaling, attempted to make a left onto west bound Ontario.  The cyclist took evasive action, turning his bike to the left and skidding, but was unable to avoid the collision.  He was propelled off his bike and onto the hood of the taxi which then slammed on its brakes.  The driver's sudden braking threw the cyclist off the hood and into the road, his face, elbows and knees absorbing all of the impact.  A City of Chicago ambulance arrived quickly to transport him to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was treated for serious facial lacerations and contusions, a possible head injury and swelling in his knee.

Our client continues to recover from his injuries.  Our firm, as always, intends to pursue this matter very aggressively. 

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