Friday, August 13, 2010

NPR Radio Host Recovering After Being Struck By Car While Bicycling

Peter Sagal, host of a popular radio show on National Public Radio, is recovering after being struck by a car while on his bicycle about 10 miles from his Oak Park, IL home.  An accomplished marathon runner and triathlete, Mr. Sagal was riding his racing bike "at about 18 miles an hour on a quiet road."  As he did, he "noted a hatchback at the stop sign coming from [his] right."  When he proceeded through the intersection the driver pulled forward, apparently not seeing him, and struck the radio host with her left front fender.  Blogging about the incident, presumably from his hospital bed, Mr. Sagal described what happened upon impact, "I spun up in the air, came down on my back on the ground, possibly hitting the car again on the way down.  I hit my head pretty hard on something, or somethings, but I was wearing my helmet and it cracked instead of me."  Witnesses called 911 and he was taken via ambulance to a nearby hospital.

This matter was reported by TribLocal and on the Spoke 'N Word blog.

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