Thursday, August 19, 2010

Belleville Man Hit By Car Walking His Bike, Suffers Skull Fracture

A man is hospitalized with an apparent skull fracture after being struck by a car while walking his bicycle with friends in Belleville, Illinois.  A report by suggests that the man was struck by the oncoming vehicle in the "traffic lane" of Carlyle west of the junction of Route 161.  For reasons that are thus far unclear, officials "do not anticipate issuing any citations in the incident," though it remains "under investigation."


  1. I'm a cyclist who is very sensitive to these issues, but I have to ask, what was he doing walking in the lane of oncoming traffic. Seems odd, and/or dumb. What time of day was it?

    I certainly not saying it was the rider's fault, but I have to question the circumstances based on the report.

  2. The reported details are sketchy. It really isn't clear -- at least to me -- how this happened. I try not to speculate.

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