Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Car Company Creates Bicycle Detection System

Volvo tries really hard.  It pioneered the use of the three point seatbelt as standard equipment.  More recently, it started looking into external airbags to protect pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision.  Now, those brainy Swedes are at it again, developing what it calls a "cyclist detection" system.  The idea is to assist the driver with braking should a sizable object, like a bicycle or pedestrian, suddenly serve into the vehicle's path.

I am a bit concerned that technology like this may encourage drivers to be more passive behind the wheel.  An over reliance on such technology could discourage drivers from simply paying attention.  I'll check my email real quick.  If something swerves in front of me the car will just stop itself.  Scary.  On the other hand, humans have always been fallible, and I for one have to tip my (cycling) cap to Volvo for continuously seeking to address that continuing truth, and for its willingness to consider how bikes and cars may interact with each other.  Tack själv.


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