Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bicyclist Suffers Multiple Fractures Following Logan Square Hit and Run

A 35 year old bicyclist is still suffering the painful effects of being struck by a hit and run driver on the night of February 21, 2013.  The crash occurred at the intersection of West Logan Boulevard and North California Avenue in the city's Logan Square neighborhood at around 11:00 p.m.  

The cyclist was riding in the right westbound lane when he entered the intersection, the light green in his favor.  He had a bright white light flashing on the front of his bike.  When he reached the middle of the intersection an eastbound vehicle turning left smashed into the cyclist's rear wheel throwing him onto the car's hood, according to another cyclist who witnessed the incident,   The victim and witness both say that immediately after the crash the driver stopped, got out of his vehicle, said he was sorry, then got back into his car and drove away.  In pain and in shock, the bicyclist had the wherewithal to snatch the car's license plate number before the driver got away.  My law firm has been retained to represent the cyclist and is in the process of tracking down the driver.

The collision occurred not far from the victim's home.  The cyclist who witnessed the crash played the role of good samaritan and helped bring the injured man and his crumpled bicycle back to his apartment where the police were called.  As the night progressed, and the initial shock and adrenalin rush started to abate, the pain came.  Smartly, the cyclist got himself to a nearby immediate care clinic where he was diagnosed with a fractured rib, broken collar bone and broken scapula.  His recovery is proceeding slowly.

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