Friday, September 21, 2012

Chicago Bicyclist Hit By Red Light Running Taxi Driver To Be Compensated

She was riding her bike to a job interview at Chicago's Rainforest Cafe when the driver of an American United taxi did something stupid. The westbound driver ran the red light at West Ontario Street and struck the 25 year old female cyclist riding on North Clark Street southbound toward her nearby destination.  The collision in the intersection of Ontario and Clark at 12:30 p.m. last August 25th threw her off of her bike and onto her right side, causing injuries to her back and right foot, elbow and ribs.  Late yesterday, my law firm, retained to represent the bicyclist, successfully resolved the case against the driver and taxi company.

The woman's injuries were not life threatening, but the collision, caused only by the carelessness of the taxi driver, resulted in pain, and significant disruption to her life.  It also caused the uninsured woman substantial financial hardship.  She was left with medical bills she did not have the money to pay.  The compensation she will receive cannot erase these experiences, but will help her move on.

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