Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Alleged Terror Bar Target May Have Been Popular Bicycle Messenger Hangout

The Chicago bar targeted by alleged homegrown terrorist, Adel Daoud, is a popular afterwork hangout for city bicycle messengers.  Though federal authorities have not revealed which bar the teenager allegedly wanted to blow up on Friday night, the owner of Cal's Bar and Liquors at 400 South Wells believes it was his, according to CBS Chicago.  Based upon descriptions of the establishment in the media and the frenzy of evidence gathering activity by federal authorities on the night the attack was to happen, Mike Feirstein, the bar's owner, believes his place was the target.  (Click here to read more on CBS Chicago's website.)

Cals has been a bike messenger haunt for years.  At the end of any given work day, dozens of well-worn bicycles can be seen outside the bar.  Inside, tired bike messengers can be found throwing back brews, swapping stories and relaxing.  In 2007 Meddill Reports did a feature news piece about the bar's embrace of its bike messenger and counter culture clientele.  

There is no reason to believe that Mr. Daoud harbors a desire to wage jihad against bike messengers.  According to a federal complaint filed against him in the past few days the bar targeted by him was chosen because it would be filled with "the evilest people . . . all the kuffars are there."

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