Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Settlement Reached In Case Of Pedestrian Struck On West Peterson Avenue

Walking across the street in a crosswalk on his way to work one morning in January, the man expected... nothing; just to reach the other side safely.  But a careless driver rudely interrupted the mundane serenity of the 31 year old male pedestrian as he crossed West Peterson Avenue on that Friday morning.  As he walked - the traffic light in his favor - from south to north across Peterson at its intersection with North California Avenue a male driver, attempting to turn left onto eastbound Peterson, crashed into him.  The impact occurred before the pedestrian could reach the halfway point of the road. At the scene, the driver admitted to striking the pedestrian at about 10 mph.

The impact threw the man to the ground where he broke his fall with his arms and face.  His eye glasses broke from the fall, cutting him above the eye.  He was placed in a cervical collar and was lifted onto a backboard then transported to Swedish Covenant Hospital via City of Chicago ambulance.  At the hospital he complained of knee and neck pain.  He was also experiencing pain to his right shoulder and both elbows.  He had a laceration over his right eye from where he hit the street.  After being discharged from the hospital he followed up with his family doctor who prescribed a course of physical therapy.  It would take two full months before he recovered completely.

Yesterday, my law firm, who represents the pedestrian, secured a significant settlement on his behalf.

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