Monday, July 2, 2012

66 Year Old Female Bicyclist Doored, Injured In Uptown Neighborhood

When her eyes finally opened she saw a bald man she didn't know standing over her, his cell phone to his ear.  He witnessed what happened to her and was calling for help.

On the morning of June 19th, a 66 year old Chicago woman riding her bicycle eastbound from her home to a nearby CTA station was doored and seriously injured by a driver.  The crash occurred near 1437 West Argyle Street.  The bicyclist was on her way to a dental appointment. She was riding to the nearby Red Line stop where she planned to lock up then take the train to her appointment.  But before reaching her destination the driver's door of a 2001 Toyota swung open in front of her on the quiet residential stretch of West Argyle.  An experienced cyclist, the woman tried to swerve away from the metal obstacle, but her handlebar clipped it and she was send tumbling across the street where she struck a parked car.  The second impact fractured her right arm and knocked her unconscious.  When she came to, a bald man she didn't know was calling 911.

The woman will likely remain in treatment for her injuries for quite some time.  My law firm is representing her.

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  1. I simply do not understand what is going through peoples heads when things like this happen. I mean, you have mirrors, it takes just a second to confirm it is clear and you get out of the car safely. These types of incidents, I refuse to call them accidents, are 100% avoidable at all times.


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