Friday, June 22, 2012

Settlement Reached In Case Of Bicyclist Hit By Van On Milwaukee Avenue

Deposited into a puddle of mud with a ruptured spleen after being hit by a van while riding on Milwaukee Avenue, August 22, 2011 was a very bad day for one 24 year old female bicyclist.  Yesterday a measure of justice of achieved against the driver of the van that struck her.  My law firm represented the bicyclist and successfully resolved the claim against the driver and his employer for a significant sum.

At 8:00 a.m. last August 22nd, the bicyclist was riding to work southbound in the dedicated bicycle lane on Milwaukee at the intersection of Ogden Avenue.  The light was green and she proceeded straight ahead.  At the same time a 2005 Ford Econoline van, traveling northbound on Milwaukee, abruptly attempted a left turn onto Ogden.  Apparently not seeing the cyclist, who had the right of way, the driver crashed into her with significant force.  The impact threw her off of her bike and into a puddle of mud along the roadside. With a ruptured spleen and sprained wrist she was taken via ambulance to Rush University Medical Center for care and treatment.

Thankfully, the woman has recovered completely from her injuries.

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