Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bicyclist Struck By Impatient Motorist Receives Settlement

My law firm has successfully resolved the case of a bicyclist who was hit by an impatient motorist in Wicker Park in February.  The 44 year old male cyclist was riding home from work southbound in the dedicated bike lane on North Damen Avenue at around 6:20 p.m. when he was hit.  The driver was stopped in traffic along southbound Damen when, perhaps growing impatient with the congestion, he suddenly peeled-off to the right in an attempt to turn onto West Willow Street hitting the cyclist.  The motorist did not signal his impending maneuver and claims that he did not see the bicyclist who was riding with an operating light on the front of his bike and lights attached to his wheel valve stems.  Also in the SUV was the driver's wife and child.  They told the cyclist they were on their way to the United Center for an ice skating show.

Following the crash the bicyclist attempted to stand up but immediately realized that he could not bear weight with his left knee. He collapsed back to the ground.  We was stretchered into an ambulance and transported to Resurrection Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center nearby.  He was diagnosed with an avulsion of his left patella (knee cap).  

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  1. I'm hoping the settlement was enough to make the cyclist whole, and to make the motorist pay beyond what his insurance company was willing to pay. While this may have been a civil matter, there needs to be some measures taken against the lack of concern by the motorists.


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