Monday, March 12, 2012

Volvo To Offer Softer Landings For Bicyclists, Pedestrians

The automaker Volvo has created airbags for the outsides of their vehicles.  You read that right.  Now you may crash through a Chevy, but you'll bounce off a Volvo.  My first response to this new technology was offense.  I cannot quite put my finger on why.  Perhaps, there is something about this that seems to say, Well screw it; let's just forget about trying not to hit bicyclists and pedestrians.  Let's just make sure drivers that do don't have to deal with the hassle of getting their windshields replaced afterwards.  Perhaps though that is a bit cynical of me.  Volvo makes decent cars.  I suppose there isn't much they can do about the car only infrastructure that dominates.  From their end all they can do is make their vehicles safe for drivers and the people that get in their way.


  1. So you bounce of the car safely, only to get run over? A lot of expense for nothing.

  2. Volvo is also one of the few manufacturers (including Mercedes) that has active braking when it senses something in front of the car, so they are trying to avoid you as well.

    But really we won't see the near end of collisions until all motorized vehicles are robots not under human control.


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