Friday, March 23, 2012

Illinois Legislature Working To Clarify Law That Allows Bicyclists To Proceed Through Red Lights

At the beginning of 2012, a law went into effect in Illinois that allows bicyclists outside of Chicago to go straight through red lights where there are no motor vehicles present and where the light fails to detect their presence.  The law presently requires cyclists to wait "a reasonable period of time" before proceeding.  This vague directive has apparently caused some consternation.  In response, the Illinois legislature is setting about to fix the wording of the statute so as to require bicyclists to wait at least two minutes before proceeding through the intersection.  The measure has passed through the Illinois Senate and is being considered by the House.  The bill is designated SB 2528.


  1. =v= Why not just designate it to be the same as a STOP sign, no time limits mentioned? Consistency, not pointless confusion!

  2. Stop sign or light doesn't make a difference. I've yet to see a cyclist stop at either


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