Friday, February 24, 2012

South Side Cyclist Hit By Car While Riding Through Harold Washington Park

A 30 year old female cyclist was struck by a car while riding southbound along a bike path in Harold Washington Park on Chicago's South Side on February 12th.  The woman was crossing the path's intersection at East 53rd Street when a westbound Honda Civic traveling at about 20 mph struck the front of her bike.  The path continues on the south side of 53rd Street.  The impact sent the rider reeling along the right side of the car and onto the ground where she suffered a separated shoulder.  She was rushed via ambulance to the nearby University of Chicago Hospital.  She may require surgery to repair her badly damaged shoulder.

The driver claims that the bicyclist came off of the trail and crashed into the side of his car.  However, the damage to the woman's bike strongly suggests that it was she who was struck from the side.  My law firm is representing the injured bicyclist.

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