Monday, February 13, 2012

Bicyclist Doored On West Kinzie Receives Settlement

A claim arising from a dooring incident that occurred in front of Chicago's East Bank Club in May has settled. My personal injury law firm represented the bicyclist who was commuting home from work when he was injured.  The 38 year old cyclist was riding along the right side of West Kinzie Street when a driver parked along the curb opened the door of her 2010 Mercedes-Benz into his path without looking for bicycle traffic.  She was ticketed by police.

The car's door opened a sizable gash along the right calf of the bicyclist who was transported via ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  The wound was large enough that bone was visible to the naked eye and required 11 stitches to close.  The cyclist also experienced weakness in his right great toe since the incident which has slowly resolved.  He also continues to have some significant scarring to his lower leg which is likely permanent.

The incident occurred about a month before installation of the Kinzie cycle track which segregates bicycle traffic from motor vehicles and eliminates vehicle parking along the curb.

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