Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Settlement For Bicyclist Injured By Taxi On North Kingsbury Street, Despite Not Guilty Finding

Today, our law firm obtained a substantial settlement for a bicyclist injured in June, 2010 by a taxi cab in the 700 block of North Kingsbury Street in Chicago.  On the morning of June 3rd, our client was riding his bike to his Loop office when a taxi, which had been stopped along the curb on Kingsbury, suddenly pulled into the street, crashing into him.  The bicyclist sustained a fractured collar bone.

The driver was ticketed at the scene, but was found not guilty by a Cook County Traffic Court judge at the citation hearing.  However, with some hard investigative work -- and a little luck -- we were able to locate a witness to the incident.  The witness' statement likely aided us in obtaining a good result for our client despite the not guilty finding.

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