Monday, February 28, 2011

In Horrific Scene, Motorist Intentionally Plows Into Group of Young Bicyclists

On Friday, February 25th, a motorist intentionally plowed through a large group of bicyclists participating in a Critical Mass ride in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  On the last Friday of every month hundreds of bicyclists in cities around the world, including here in Chicago, gather together to ride the streets in order to raise awareness regarding bike safety.  Drivers have been known to express frustration when encountering a Critical Mass ride because it tends to slow motorized traffic.  In Porto Alegre, in a shocking act of violence, a driver attempted to kill numerous young people on their bicycles because. . . they were riding their bicycles.

Below is some raw and graphic video of the event.  I found it difficult to watch.


  1. omg horrible! who could do this and why???

  2. Good job. thanks for sharing. Will come to visit again.


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