Thursday, September 2, 2010

Driver Strikes and Kills Bicyclist On Chicago's Northwest Side

A 35 year old Chicago man was cited for negligent driving and failure to provide proof of insurance arising from the death of a bicyclist at the intersection of Irving Park Road and Forest Preserve Avenue.  The driver, Kryzysztof Godlewski, allegedly struck the cyclist with his 2006 Infiniti around 8 p.m. Tuesday evening as he turned left from westbound Irving Park Road onto westbound Forest Preserve.  It is unclear at this time how the incident occurred.  It has been reported that the vehicle struck the as yet unidentified bicyclist "when the southbound bicyclist entered the intersection in front of the Infiniti."

I generally decline to speculate about the facts of such matters.  With regard to the driver being cited for lack of insurance, it may be that he is insured but was unable to provide proof of insurance at the scene.  It is not uncommon for drivers ticketed for this offense to provide proof to the judge at the citation hearing.

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