Monday, September 6, 2010

Bicyclist Killed In Rogers Park In Intersection Incident

A male bicyclist was killed yesterday in an incident in Rogers Park with a car.  Reports have placed the victims age at 40 and 69 and have offered little credible explanation for the cause of the incident.  According the The Chicago Breaking News Center, the man was riding westbound on West Farwell Avenue when his bike came into contact with a vehicle at the intersection with Ridge Boulevard.  Media sources have emphasized that the intersection was controlled in all directions by stop signs but have not stated whether independent witnesses contributed to claims that the cyclist ran a stop sign.  The biker was killed at the scene and it is not clear whether police statements about the cause were based solely on the motorist's account.


  1. Was running by at the time of the accident. The Mini Cooper was traveling N on Ridge and the cyclist was traveling W on Farwell. The car had no stop sign and the cyclist ran his leaving the driver, a young woman, no time to stop. Very sad!

  2. JP, thanks for providing this information.


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