Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crazy Old Woman Who Attempted To Run Down Young Bicyclist Is Headed To Jail

A 67 year old woman, Mary Rehm, who attempted to run down a teenage boy with her car as he rode his bicycle in Naperville last July is going to jail. The teenager was only unhurt thanks to his quick reflexes. He leaped from his bicycle just in time to avoid the collision which left his bicycle firmly impaled to the front of the crazy woman's vehicle. Hooray for luck and justice! Read more by clicking here. And here.


  1. 21 days in jail for attempting to murder a teenager? wtf?

  2. True, that does seem like a light sentence.

  3. Yeah, wow. I could see the light sentence if the court found her mentally ill, but I don't see anything about a psychiatric evaluation.

    Gotta be more to it than this.


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