Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Learn About Planning Safe Streets For Bicyclists

“The right of way doesn’t just belong to cars,” he said. “It belongs to pedestrians and bicyclists as well.”

- U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

To help facilitate creation of transportation infrastructure that will accommodate all users -- pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicles -- the League of Illinois Bicyclists will conduct bike planning seminars throughout the winter. According to the League, "Everyday decisions by planners, engineers, and others affect how safe and convenient it is to bike for recreation or transportation. The seminar, a condensed version of LIB’s Summer 2009 four-week University of Illinois-Chicago urban planning course, will familiarize attendees with car/bike interactions, relevant national standards, best practices, planning tools, related “political” issues and policy techniques, tips on available funding sources, and implementation strategies."

The seminars will take place throughout the state, and in St. Louis, at various times. Click here for dates, times and locations.
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