Friday, December 11, 2009

Cheap Bicycle Helmets May Offer Adequate Impact Protection, But. . .

The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute recently conducted a study designed to determine whether cheap bicycle helmets, of the kind you might find in a department store, offer less protection than more expensive models. The study found no difference with regard to impact protection. But let's be a little careful here. Fit is important, and the study did not take that factor into account. Bicycle helmets have changed enormously over the years. A few months ago I replaced a helmet I've had since the mid-'90s with a new model. The latest helmets stay in the proper position on the rider's head much better. That means that it is likely to be where it is supposed to be when you bash your coconut against something hard like a windshield. Sometimes you have to pay more for a helmet that fits better. Also, let's not kid ourselves; many of us are vain. I am. If you (or your child) are more likely to wear a helmet because it looks like the latest and greatest, well then there are worse things on which you could spend your money.

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