Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Emergency Fund Created For Bike Messengers Hurt On The Job

I have had low paying, tough-as-hell jobs that I loved.  But I've never been a bicycle messenger.  No one becomes a bike messenger for the money, or the glamour.  I have know plenty of messengers and represented more than a few.  It is a damn dangerous, dirty job.  That's why the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund was created.

Created by messengers for messengers, The Fund is a, "non profit public charity organization that provides emergency compensation to bicycle messengers who are hurt on the job. Currently the BMEF allocates a $500 emergency cheque to help messengers anywhere in the world during the first week of injury. This provides a boost, to both the financial and the mental/emotional state of the injured messenger."


  1. thanks for the post on this
    Lucas, Treasurer, BMEF

  2. Good share of this post. thanks.

  3. Thank you for supporting the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund founder Jean Andre Vallery

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