Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Video Shows Driver Fleeing From Hit and Run Bicycle Crash

Hit and run crashes are especially frustrating all around.  The horror of being hit by a motor vehicle is compounded by the insult of a driver speeding away while you are left laying in the street as if your life does not matter.  As an attorney who has represented far too many victims of hit and run crashes, it can be disheartening when the offender cannot be found.  We generally rely on the existence of good quality video or of a clear photograph of the vehicle, showing either the license plate number or identifying markings, to track the driver.  Eye witnesses can help too.

Back on February 25th, the Chicago Tribune featured one or our clients, Jonathan Rogers, in a piece by Mary Wisniewski about the increase in hit and run crashes in Chicago.  It referred to two sisters, Keyannah Wolf and Dontalisha Hodges, who saw him get hit by a car which then left the scene.  They gave chase to the driver that hit Jon while recording video.  It was thanks to these caring and responsible citizens and the video they took that we were able to trace the driver and file a lawsuit against him.  While the Tribune piece made reference to the video it did not include it.  Here it is:

The police cannot be everywhere.  Our firm is good at tracking down hit and run drivers but we need something, a license plate or distinguishing detail of the vehicle, to find the offender.  So if you see something, follow the example of the sisters Wolf and Hodges; pull out your phone and snap some photos, record video, and give it to the victim or the police.  If you're not sure what to do with it, contact us.  We will make sure it goes where it is needed.

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