Monday, January 18, 2016

City of Chicago Fails In Attempt to Immunize Itself From Responsibility For Injuries Caused by Bike Lane Hazards

In a hearing last week in the Circuit Court of Cook County the City of Chicago sought to have all of the bicycle lanes installed throughout the City declared "recreational facilities."  The effect of this creative legal maneuver would have been to immunize the municipality for injuries to bicyclists caused by the City's failure to keep its bike lanes safe for riders.

The matter arose from a lawsuit filed against the City where a Chicago bicyclist was . . . [Read more.]

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  1. Great article, I was cycling last week and nearly got hit a couple of times on the way to work, on my folding bike. Its happening a lot more, and it doesn't make sense at all as the governments push us to cycle more, but don't protect us like they should.


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