Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bicycling Illinois Attorney Left With Serious Injuries After Driver Uses his "Car As A Weapon"

Randy Crump, courtesy
A Bloomington attorney was seriously injured by a driver who allegedly became upset by the presence of a group of bicyclists riding on a rural road in McLean County, according to  

The injured cyclist, Dean Davis, suffered a "serious back injury" when 61 year old Randy Crump, a retired school superintendent, allegedly used "his car as a weapon" to force him off the road, according to one witness.  The incident occurred on July 7th as Mr. Crump tried to pass the group which was participating in an organized ride.  Witnesses say he passed the group of 10 cyclists then slammed on his brakes.

Mr. Crump was charged with reckless driving and "reckless conduct," and for following a cyclist too closely, according to the

This sad incident brings to mind a case from a few years ago in which a California doctor was  sentenced to five years in prison for attacking two cyclists with his vehicle.  Angry that the men where riding in front of him, the driver, Christopher Thompson, pulled in front of them before slamming on his brakes.  His conduct caused the bicyclists to sustain serious injuries.

The McLean County state's attorney is said to be investigating last week's incident.  Hopefully, this matter will be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

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