Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family Of Brain Damaged Bicyclist Seeks Help From Community

Justin Carver
It is the worst case scenario.  Justin Carver was struck by a truck while riding his bicycle home from work.  The crash left him in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury and many broken bones.  He "is still in the ICU fighting for his life after surgery to remove part of his skull and relieve the pressure in his brain," according to his wife, Kim.  What's more, his young family will continue to be burdened by enormous medical costs from Justin's ongoing care and treatment.  The driver that struck him had only minimal insurance coverage.

A fund has been set up to accept donations to help pay for what may be a lifetime of medical care for Justin.  Please go here to offer your donation:  Fund For Justin.

The crash occurred on December 3rd at around 5 p.m. at the intersection of 26th and East Avenue in Berwyn, according to The Berwyn News.  The truck struck him as the driver attempted to turn "off of East Avenue" while Justin was attempting to cross 26th.  Unconscious, he was transported to Loyola University Medical Center.

Justin works as an Adult Library Services Assistant at the Stickney-Forest View Library.  A co-worker, Allison Mackey, reported on The Chainlink that Justin, "is a safe cyclist and always wears a helmet."  Click here to read more about this incident on The Chainlink.

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