Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bicycle Delivery Rider Injured By Swerving Taxi On Chicago's North Side

His bicycle was illuminated by lights front and back and he was in close enough proximity that he probably could have shook hands with the cab driver that swerved in front of him moments before the crash.  At around 1:30 a.m. on November 4th a 21 year old male cyclist was injured when the driver of a taxi cut him off seconds after the two proceeded through a north side intersection together.  The incident occurred at the intersection of North Sheffield Avenue and West Wolfram Street.  Moments before the crash, the two stopped next to each other, the bike to the right of the cab, at a stop sign controlling south bound traffic on Sheffield.  The bicyclist was working for a pizza shop and was coming from a nearby delivery.  They proceeded from the stop at about the same time before the taxi pulled ahead.  Suddenly, without signaling, the driver swerved to the right directly into the cyclist's path causing the crash.  He did not appear to be picking up or dropping off a fare.  The bicyclist tried to stop and turn to blunt the impact but was unsuccessful given the short distance between them.

The bicyclist hit the ground, his hands and knees accepting the brunt of the impact.  In pain, his adrenalin flowing and immedaitely worried about the cost of medical treatment, the cyclist differed medical treatment until later that day.  At Advocate Illinois Medical Center his right hand and wrist was placed in a stiff splint and wrapped in bandages.  Though not fractured, his hand and wrist remain swollen and painful.  His injuries continue to keep him off of his bike, his bread and butter.

My law firm is representing the bicyclist.

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