Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pro Bicyclists Reflect On Vulnerability Riding The Open Road

Below is an impressively produced video in which several professional cyclists reflect on the vulnerability of riding on the road.  The video was created by People For Bikes.  A few of the cyclists tell some harrowing tales of run-ins with motorists.  However, the overall message is positive.  It offers hope regarding the growth of bicycling in the United States and expresses in a personal way the benefits and joys of bicycling despite the dangers.  It does two things especially well:  First, it introduces the viewer to some very experienced bicyclists, some of whom have been in serious crashes with motor vehicles, who share personal lessons learned from sharing the road with cars.  Secondly, it offers balance.  The central message is that cooperation between bicyclists and drivers is what is needed to reduce collisions.  It refreshingly declines to promote an us versus them mentality, reminding us that many bicyclists are drivers too.

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