Tuesday, May 22, 2012

14 Year Old Bicyclist Struck By School Bus In Humboldt Park Identified

Benjamin "Zack" Rossario's
bicycle following the crash
The neighbors and family of Benjamin "Zack" Rossario, 14, are in a state of shock after the boy was run down by a school bus as he rode his bike just west of the intersection of West Hirsch Street and North Kedzie Avenue in Humboldt Park.  Zack was riding along the right side of Hirsch when a bus operated by the Sunrise Bus Company struck him as he rode, according to his friend Lennox Johnson who was riding behind him.  The incident was witnessed by Socrates Vasquez, 28, who said that the bus was traveling too fast for the narrow residential street at the time of the crash.  After the initial impact, Zack was dragged several feet before coming to rest along with his crumpled bicycle along the right side of the road.  Bicycle parts and gouges in the street, along with the boy's blood, were visible at the scene.  Mr. Vasquez said he pulled Zack out from under the bus once it finally came to a stop.

Both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Vasquez said that the blood at the scene had come from Zack's badly fractured leg.  He was taken to Children's Memorial Hospital in serious to critical condition.

Gouges were left in the road after Zack
was dragged by the speeding bus, according
to witnesses.


  1. thats my little cousin. thank god hes okay.

  2. So glad to hear that he is doing well.

  3. The two kids go to my school when I heard what had happen I was like omg hopefully he gets fine.

  4. That happened around where I live hope he gets better


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