Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reforms Coming To Chicago's Taxi Industry Good For Bicyclists

If my own experience representing bicyclists in injury claims is any indication, taxi cabs cause a lot of accidents.  It almost seems like taxi drivers go out of their way to find bikes to crash into.  I advise cyclists to treat taxis on the road as if they are loaded with explosives about to go off.  When you see a cab while riding give it the widest possible berth.

I welcome Mayor Rahm Emanuel's announcement yesterday of new reforms coming to Chicago's taxi industry.  These important changes are to include, "real-time monitoring of traffic tickets given to cabbies and limiting drivers to no more than 12 hours of driving each day," according to The Chicago Tribune.  There is to be greater and faster monitoring of taxi cab moving violations and an increased emphasis on getting dangerous cab drivers off the streets.  Read more here.

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