Monday, November 28, 2011

Settlement For Bicyclist Injured When Passengers Exit Taxi Into Chicago Bike Lane

A substantial financial settlement has been reached by our law firm on behalf of a bicyclist doored when a taxi cab driver allowed his passengers to disembark into a dedicated bicycle lane at the 2400 block of North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago on March 17, 2011.  The 40 year old cyclist was traveling southbound in the bike lane when passengers suddenly emerged from the taxi, which had stopped in southbound traffic.  Unlike the typical dooring incident, the bicyclist in this case was doored from the left rather than the right side.  The bicyclist had been wearing a helmet and his bicycle was equipped with lights.  He was treated for a sprained knee and left hand fracture.

Taxi cab drivers owe a duty of reasonable care to roadway users in the location and manner in which their passengers are permitted to exit the vehicle.  This duty extends to bicyclists, permitted users of Chicago streets

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