Monday, October 10, 2011

Twenty-Five Year Old Bicyclist Recovering From Head Injury

A twenty-five year old male bicyclist was rendered unconscious after being struck by a 1997 Dodge Dakota at around 6 p.m. on September 21st at the intersection of North Elston Avenue and West Gunnison Avenue in Chicago.  The bicyclist was riding through the t-intersection when he suddenly heard a revving engine then saw the vehicle coming at him.  According to witnesses, the impact propelled him onto the vehicle's windshield before he was thrown to the ground.  Numerous photographs of the crash site showing the cyclist laying in the street with blood covering his face have been acquired thanks to a witness who posted them online.  Our law firm is representing the bicyclist against the driver of the vehicle.  The bicyclist continues to undergo treatment for facial scarring and possible cognitive deficits due to head trauma.


  1. No helmet? Oh, that's right they don't cover the face.

  2. Your law firm seems to go well with the cyclist, hope you will do your best to fight for the cyclist to get his rights.


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