Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bicyclist Killed By Hit and Run Driver In Pilsen

A 30 year old man was killed this morning in Pilsen when a motorist struck him as he rode his bicycle.  The bicyclist was riding near West 18th Street and South Carpenter Street just before 1:00 a.m. when he was struck.  He was on his way to meet friends when the driver allegedly veered into him, according to police.  The driver did not stop, but a suspect is in custody, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.  Neither the name of the bicyclist nor that of the driver have been published.


  1. The victims name : Frederick Kobick, 30 of the 1700 clock of S Des Plaines Avenue. He was part of a musical project called 'Geometric
    Driver arrested but name not released as of yet. My thoughts are with his family tonight in this senseless death by a drunken driver.
    I reside around the corner from the where the killing took place.

  2. Thanks for the additional info. Very sad.

  3. He was an all around amazing person. A truly awful loss to the human race


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