Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Logan Square Bicyclist Killed By Van

A 46 year old Logan Square bicyclist died this morning after being struck by a van.  After the collision the van allegedly fled the scene.  The Chicago Sun-Times reported this event but did not report the date of the collision.  The paper simply noted that it occurred at "2 p.m."

The cyclist, Francisco Moreno, was helped to his home after the crash.  He was later taken to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center by family members after he lost consciousness.  The location of the crash has not be reported.


  1. What kind of sorry a** leaves a person lying in the street after they just struck him with their van? Something has GOT to change here! It seems every cycling related accident I read about ends with the motorist having "fled the scene". It's as though people act like cyclists are some sub-human life form or that they deserved it for just riding a bike. Also, how could something like this happen at 2:00 in broad daylight in Logan Square and have NO witnesses?

    Brendan, thanks for your efforts and advocacy on behalf of cyclists. I hope blogs like this will help to bring more attention to these types of goings on.

  2. I certainly agree with your sentiments. It's very sad.

    Thanks for your kind words.


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