Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bicyclist In Serious Condition After Being Struck By City of Chicago Vehicle

A City of Chicago vehicle caused serious injury to a 20 year old female bicyclist yesterday afternoon near the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Cullom Avenue.  Passersby at the scene after the collision reported seeing a badly damaged bicycle and a significant amount of blood.  The type of city vehicle has not been revealed, but at least one passerby noted that it seemed to be a sanitation vehicle.  The bicyclist was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center after in the incident.  Her current condition is unknown.

It has not be reported how the collision occurred.  It has been suggested that the bicyclist may have ran a stop sign, but no basis for that speculation has been cited.  Based on the seeming severity of the cyclist's injuries it seems unlikely that her point of view has been gathered.

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  1. Arrgh. Hate hearing about this kind of thing, but I guess it's a good reminder to keep your head on a swivel and *trust no one.* And maybe, just maybe, actually stop for stop signs -- at least when you can't see down the side streets.


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