Monday, May 9, 2011

Sixteen Year Old On Bicycle Killed At Chicago Intersection

Sixteen year old Dion Harris of the 1600 block of North Kolmar Avenue was killed last night when he and a motor vehicle collided as he rode his bicycle near the intersection of West Grand Avenue and Kolmar Avenue in Chicago, according to the Chicago Breaking News Center.  Chicago Police apparently report that the boy ran a stop sign, causing the crash.  However, few facts have been reported.  The News Center states that, "The youth was taken in very serious condition to the hospital where he was pronounced dead."  No witnesses are identified.  Presumably, the only version of events was that of the driver.  Also, the News Center reports that the boy "was riding his bike in the 4500 block of West Grand Avenue when he disobeyed a stop sign at Kolmar Avenue and ran into the middle of traffic."  It adds that, "The teen struck a vehicle driving on Grand near Kolmar.  There are no stop signs or traffic lights at that intersection in the direction the vehicle was traveling."  This report makes it sound like both Harris and the driver where traveling on West Grand Avenue at the time of the crash.  However, the story also gives the overall impression that the bicyclist and the driver approached the intersection perpendicular to one another.  At the intersection, Kolmar Avenue is controlled by a stop sign.  No sign controls traffic traveling on West Grand.

Harris' died about one block from his home.  Hopefully, additional facts will be brought to light in the coming hours and days.

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