Friday, November 19, 2010

Bicyclists Should Put Themselves On ICE

You've crashed and lay unconscious, bleeding on the side of the road.  A passerby calls for help and rescuers arrive.  They can transport you to the nearest hospital but who else do they notify that you've been in an accident?  Though you cannot communicate with them, you wisely brought your cell phone with you for the ride.  Finding it, rescue personnel will immediately search for one thing among your list of contacts:  "ICE".

About five years ago, first response rescue professionals began the ICE, or "in case of emergency," program which encourages all persons to create an ICE contact in their cell phone contacts list which can be quickly accessed to notify someone close to you that you've been in an accident.  Great idea, especially for people who engage in risky activities like cycling.


  1. RoadIDs ( are nice to have too.

  2. A great idea, but most people put passwords on their smart phones these days. I do, and cannot afford to have the information on it accessible to thieves if it is stolen. Too bad there isn't a way around that.

  3. Sorry, but I gotta groan and roll my eyes at this one: "...especially for people who engage in risky activities like cycling."


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