Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Illinois Approves Design For "Share The Road" License Plates

A great way to remind drivers that bicyclists have the same rights to the road as cars is to advertise that fact on your own vehicle.  The design of Illinois' new "Share The Road" license plate has been approved and the Secretary of State is now taking orders.  If you read this blog and live in Illinois get one.  Do it!  This is an inexpensive way to send an important message to drivers that bikes belong (on the road, not the sidewalk), and to re-enforce that we are traffic.

Click here to get the short order form.  Fill it out and send in your seventeen bucks.  Once the Secretary of State gets 1500 requests, production will start and the plates will go out.  If every Illinois resident who reads this blog orders a plate production will begin very shortly. 


  1. Is this a license plate for bicycles? That's a great idea! Let's help identify bikes that flagrantly disregard traffic laws. Also helps to fund the roads that bikes ride on.

  2. no for cars - an even better idea...


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