Friday, March 26, 2010

Illinois Senate Passes Red Light Camera Bill

Yesterday, the Active Transportation Alliance reported the following:

"Today, the IL State Senate passed Senate Bill 935. This bill allows local governments in the Chicago and St. Louis areas to use red light cameras to improve road safety.

The bill, once passed by the House and signed by the Governor, will require two independent verifications of a violation before a citation is issued. It will also give motorists the right to review video evidence and contest violations via a secure web-based portal."

A lot of folks won't like this, but I view it as a victory for the most vulnerable users of city streets, bicycles and pedestrians. Knowing that the the eye in the sky is watching, hopefully motorists will approach intersections, were accidents tend to happen, with added caution.

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  1. What am I missing? We already have red light cameras all over Illinois? It appears this bill just adds a level of accountability to the process by requiring the issuing jurisdiction to provide additional proof of offense and allows offender to better review said proof to determine whether to appeal. I think the only person that will be upset, will be Daley. Who I'm sure would prefer to just have everyone who drives put a credit card on file to charge whenever HE wishes.


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