Friday, January 29, 2010

A Clear and Simple Way To Remind Drivers To Watch for Bikes

Every time you parallel park your car, check your mirror for bicyclists before opening your door. Every time you make a right turn, check your mirror first for a bike on your right. If you forget, you might just kill someone. Scary, but true. From time to time, however, we all need a little reminder to do the things we are supposed to do., a new not-for-profit endeavor, is here to help with an idea so cool and simple it might just catch on: Non-intrusive static cling decals for your side view mirrors or rear view mirrors that remind you to look for bicyclists. According to the group's website, "Proceeds of sticker sales will go to printing more and a donation to the League of American Bicyclists." While it has not officially launched yet, hopes to have its stickers in local bike shops soon. To order them online click here. The price is $2 for 1 adhesive sticker + 1 static decal, $18 for ten of each, and $200 for two hundred of each.

Thanks to the folks at Turin Bicycle for alerting me to this.

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