Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cyclist Injured Near Montrose and California

A bicyclist was injured on October 5th when he was struck by a car near Horner Park, just east of North California Avenue and West Montrose Avenue in Chicago. We have been retained to represent him in his claim against the negligent driver. Our client was riding his Trek road bike eastbound on West Montrose at the time of the collision. As he approached a driveway leading into Horner Park, riding along the right side of the street, he saw a silver car stopped in the westbound lane of Montrose angled as if waiting to turn into the driveway. Because the driver was stopped he fairly assumed that she saw him and was waiting for him to pass before making her turn. However, just as he reached the driveway the car darted into his lane and struck his bicycle, sending him flying forward onto the hood of her car. He was immediately groggy, having smacked his head. He also had pain shooting through his wrists which accepted much of the impact. Bizzarly, the driver exited her car and accused our client of being some how at fault for damaging the hood of her car. She then left the scene before police arrived without providing her name, address and insurance information. Luckily, there was a witness to the accident and the driver was later found.

Our client was treated after the incident at Swedish Covenant Hospital where he was diagnosed with two badly sprained wrists. The injury, for which he is forced to wear immobilizing splints, has understandably kept him from his job as an airport baggage handler. Our firm is taking this matter seriously and will aggressively pursue the at fault driver and make sure she is held accountable.
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