Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Psychos vs. Cyclists

Motorists sometimes get aggravated by bicyclists (and vice versa), but apparently some crazies in Colorado are taking it to a new and dangerous level. A friend of mine who lives in Colorado sent me an article about planned "civil disobedience" against an upcoming century ride through the mountains. These psychos plan to see to it that their vehicles "break down" (wink, wink) along the winding path to be followed by the century riders. This, I suppose, will cause the bicyclists to . . . what? Stop? Crash? Die? Whatever group is responsible for this has distributed fliers around the area encouraging participation. See the flier here.

Careless drivers are scary enough for bikers. Motorists who harbor hatred against people on bikes is terrifying. Anyone who either carelessly (oops, sorry wasn't paying attention) or recklessly (screw you, the road is all mine) causes injury to a biker should be held accountable. The best way to insure that this happens to to have a witness. Bike with someone. When you don't, consider a helmet cam. Sounds funny, but I came across this idea reading the weblog of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. With a tiny video camera attached to the top of your helmet, or the front of your bike, you can record a dangerous motorist and maybe even get his or her license plate number. If a serious collision occurs, the video evidence could prove a very helpful resource for your attorney to prove your case.
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