Friday, May 27, 2011

Chicago Bicyclist Doored In Bridgeport

A 30 year old woman suffered injuries to her wrists, shoulder and head after being doored while riding her bicycle in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood on May 9th.  Our law firm is representing her.  The incident occurred at around 8:20 p.m. as the woman rode her bicycle northbound along the 2900 block of  South Throop Street.  Pedaling at modest speed, with a flashing light on the front of her bike, she had no warning that the door of a Chrysler PT Cruiser parked on the right side of the street was about to be thrown open in her path.  The collision threw her from the bicycle, causing her injures.  She had been wearing a helmet.

After the incident she was taken via ambulance to the University of Illinois Chicago Medical Center.  She continues to treat for her injuries.


  1. You know I grew up in Chicago and lived the first 27 years of my life there and another 10 in Oak Park. I rode a Bike from age 7 on. Road it to work in near north neighborhoods. I always watched my speed and paid particular attention to cars and their occupants to anticipate their moves. Gave them room and myself outs. Now "doorings". Stop being so obsessed with what others are doing and watch how you ride. Slow down, pay attention to what's around you Don't expect the driver's to see someone tucked in for speed in a silly little outfit. If you notice in other countries with lots of bike commuters, people don't try to set records. Get over your bike shorted selves. You don't pay road taxes. Print this if you will.

  2. FYI: many of us cyclists do also own cars, we just don't use them all the time. We do contribute both there and with our taxes to the roads that we live on. Also, don't assume that folks that are getting doored are speeding. If a driver isn't looking, a person going slow or with a flashing light or in broad daylight will be doored! It's the not looking that is the issue. Granted, the cyclist should also be vigilant and perhaps ring a bell or call out to make their presence known to counter drivers that don't look.

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